Home Drinking Water Testing from Nelson Analytical Labs

Want to know what's in your water at your home , rental or vacation property? Nelson Analytical Lab can tell you. Regular testing of your water can help preserve the quality of your drinking water to ensure the health of your family. If you have a private well as your water supply, you are responsible for the testing of the water, and any necessary corrective treatment.

Nelson Analytical Lab can provide guidance in choosing which tests you need to conduct on your drinking water. While there are no state requirements to test your water, there may be requirements through your town (for a certificate of occupancy) or also from a mortgage company or bank for a home loan.

Nelson Analytical Lab compares the levels of tested parameters found in your drinking water to drinking water standards developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Drinking water standards may be primary (health based) maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) or secondary maximum contaminant levels (SMCLs), based upon aesthetic concerns including taste, odor or staining. While drinking water standards are legally enforceable for public water systems, they are often used as guidance for homeowners with private wells. If a drinking water standard has not been enacted by the EPA, state guidelines are generally used for comparison.

Nelson Analytical Lab suggests that you read the water sampling instructions before starting your water sample collection. Please feel free to contact the lab with any questions on concerns.

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